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Working to Protect an Iconic Pacific Northwest Species

To promote and support sustainable Dungeness crab populations in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest Crab Research Group (PCRG) is a group of diverse researchers including state and tribal co-managers, federal agencies, academics, and non-profit organizations. Formed in 2018, the PCRG seeks to address multiple critical data gaps to promote and support the sustainable management and harvest of Dungeness crab.


Address data gaps through strategic research

At our first meeting in December of 2018, the PCRG members determined the most pressing research needs for Dungeness crab in Washington waters. The collective goal of addressing these research themes guide our collaborative and individual research efforts.

Petri dish with megalopae


Tailor research to inform and support managers 

The goal of the PCRG is to make data and materials produced through our coordinated efforts comparable across researchers and readily available and usable for fisheries managers. To ensure that we succeed in meeting these goals, PCRG developed management themes for guiding research plans.

Tub full of juvenile Dungeness crab


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