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Interested in joining the collaboration as data collector, educator, or researcher?

We welcome new members to join the group at any time. Whether you are a scientist, manager, tribal member, fisherman, or community member, we would value your perspective and contribution to our mission.

Involvement can look like:

  • Attending annual meetings and connecting with other researchers;

  • Helping collect data at a nearby larval crab monitoring station;

  • Bringing crab research into the classroom with developed 6th-8th grade curriculum;

  • And more!

Contact the program coordinator at to join and learn more!

Interested in using PCRG data for your own research?

Data from certain sites in PCRG's Larval Crab Monitoring Network are available for educational and/or public use. If you wish to request access to PCRG data, please fill out our Data Request Form and email it to

Interested in supporting our research with a donation?

We are always looking for donations to help purchase research equipment or support data collectors. Please contact the program coordinator at to discuss giving options, or click the link below (be sure to specify that your donation is for crab research!)

Contact the Program Coordinators

Email us at or fill out the form below.

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