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Working to Protect an Iconic Pacific Northwest Species

The Pacific Northwest Crab Research Group (PCRG) formed in December 2018 under the mission to conduct and support collaborative research on crab populations in the Pacific Northwest, with a current focus on Dungeness crab. The group comprises diverse partners from tribal, state, and federal governments; non-profit organizations; academic institutions; and local communities; all seeking to address critical research gaps in our knowledge of this commercially, ecologically, and culturally significant species.

Read more about the group's structure in the 2024-26 PCRG Charter.

In 2021, PCRG became a program coordinated by Puget Sound Restoration Fund (PSRF), a non-profit organization that works collaboratively to restore marine habitat, improve water quality, and protect native species in Puget Sound through in-the-water restoration projects.


PCRG operates as a neutral third-party entity, bringing together individuals from various disciplines and specialties relevant to regional crab species. With a focus on priority research questions, our group strives to tailor our research efforts to effectively inform fisheries management. These collaborative research efforts are only made possible through the dedication of our many committed partners.


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